Reflection, Surrender and Authenticity

From my current Vantage, our experience of Life is reflective of our internal states. This consists of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feeling tones – or different textures, timbres and hues of light, or energy, that make up the structure of our Prism of Self. Reality is a Mirror, including all of our relationships.

So what do we do with this knowledge? Many of us begin to engage in various practices that clear the smudges from our Prism of Self, in order to Shine through our Authenticity and experience a more vibrant, peaceful, abundant and fulfilling life. What that manifests as depends on our unique Vantage. Contained herein is an archetypal backbone of sorts, that ties all of our unique story-lines together. This is the quest for Paradise.

Once we introduce the practices that change the internal landscape of the Prism of Self it is possible to become aware that the situations we are engaged in shift, as they are mirror reflections. This level of Attainment will lead one to perceive what is popularly known as the Law of Attraction, but from this Vantage will be called the Law of Revelation, since we are operating from a Mythos of reflection – meaning all experience within is reflected without, and vise versa. An evolving perspective of the hermetic principle of As Above, So Below. We are initiating a Mythical Renaissance of what it means to live in a holographic universe, and KNOW it.

In my journey through the Mythica the Practices take form as an active engagement in self-healing modalities (breath-work, meditation, yoga, Elemental immersion), authentic expression through music and speech, open communication in relationships, and affirmations and awareness of internal dialogue in order to take back the pen and rewrite the story of my life, this time from a place of Wisdom and Empowerment in Authenticity. It is about living a Real Life in Love, through my True and Unique Expression, and the rest of the story are the details.

But what happens when I am practicing Authentic Expression, or speaking Truth, while actively engaging the rewriting my story through positive affirmation, while also recognizing the premise of how my situational reality reflects my internal reality and working to create a better life for myself? Now there is quite a dance. This is what I recognize as Active Surrender, and the practice of Self Acceptance through the process of an ever-changing Prism.

What happens when I get angry, frustrated, sad, depressed, overwhelmed, or insane? Emotions never lie, feelings are always authentic, but what about the stories we have about what they mean in relation to our experience? This is where I have found it is beneficial to bring awareness to the process, fully allow the emotions to be, and then recognize the Law of Reflection, which helps to find the root of the problem creating disharmonious emotions. This can come through circumstance, relationships and inner dialogue. Where as before we would result to blame, shame and guilt, we are establishing a Paradigm of Empowerment in the realization of Life as Mirror, here to teach us about ourselves.

When we have awareness, we can have response-ability. So when a situation, person, place or thing comes into our field we can recognize it as an aspect of ourselves here to reflect something back to us. As we peal the layers off our preconceived notions it is easy to recognize this as Truth and actively use this understanding on a day to day basis. Then we are more tuned into our emotions and how they are affected by different Mirrors. This level of emotional awareness allows us to see our own stories, the stories of others and to feel all of the Intuitive information contained in the Mirroring. We begin to pick up on the Cues, which provide opportunities for Redemption through Authenticity.

The entire process goes unnoticed until we cultivate awareness, and in relationships we can end up acting out childhood programming and control dramas. This is where Accountability in relationships comes in. When we are there fully present in awareness of these processes we can help to consciously mirror back the patterns we are receiving from one another. Then even a harsh reflection from a place of Authenticity can actually help another person and yourself at the same time, but the texture of the reflection depends on what is appropriate for the situation.

Even when we begin to actively cultivate awareness of the process sometimes we slip back into acting out old dramas. I am brought back to all the fake smiles, all the facades of niceties, or pretending nothing felt off, where my fakeness was a disservice to myself and my Mirror. Raw Authenticity is an unbridled medicine for many situations, and nice does not always equate to kind. Just being Real can require the greatest strength there is: the vulnerability to Surrender to the Intuitive and Authentic expression that is longing to shine through us all. It can’t be controlled, only honored or bypassed…

When we slip it becomes an opportunity for the process of Forgiveness, which is a necessary part of our Evolution that naturally develops humility, understanding and compassion. Only then can we lovingly reclaim our power as Sovereign Creator. We must love ourselves through the Whole process. Once we recognize the inward energetic pattern, or feeling tone, acting out in the situation we can then bring our Authenticity and Full Presence to it. Then within this ever present recognition of Patterns in relationship to Mirrors we can begin to affirm ourselves in a new way. Basically we must “go through it” with awareness and recognize the pattern in order to root it out and then rewrite the story from a place of Truth. If we don’t then we are missing the richness and teachings of our shadows and living in an illusory realm of spiritual inflation.

So there is fine balance between the realms of Experiencing, Allowing, Expressing, and Changing our emotions. As we heal we slowly unravel all the traumas, which are repressed emotions in the forms of dense energies in the body. As we reclaim our power as Conscious Creators and step into Trust we no longer need to repress our emotions on a daily basis as a means of survival. We instead begin to work as Peaceful Warriors, acting through the strength of our vulnerability.

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