Empowered through the Deconditioning Process and Rise of the Intuition

Here I am discussing an archetypical movement through the shifting tides of consciousness. We foray into a natural upheaval, an internal rebellion against our preconceived notions about who we are and what our True Purpose is on this planet at this time.

As we differentiate ourselves from our world in novel ways we are creating new Nodes from which to establish the self. This is a redefinition of the Prism of Self and its relationship to the Whole.

All logical, rational ideas about how we relate with the world are running on previously constructed modes of belief, the very constructs that we try to pull away from. This is a necessary phase and cannot be bypassed. The lesson must be fully integrated.

Through the tension of pulling away from the societal conditioning we are eventually led to a crux, a Redemption Cue, a ledge from which we must leap into Faith to fly off in Grace into the horizon as our Unique Authentic Embodiment. This can only be done as an Active Surrender to the intuitive guidance system within, which is our Grand Purposeful Intelligence (GPS) that naturally leads us forward in novel ways.

This is the uprising of the Archetype of the Divine Feminine. Hop aboard! 🙂

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