The Path to Sustainability

The Path to Sustainability is an inner-outer journey towards the reformation of the human beings’ relationship with all its relations: the sacred land, all beings, objects and the Self. It is about regeneration, rather than degradation. All of it relates to the stance that is held about the inner and the outer, as sustainability is really a type of asana, a primal arrangement of the Self.

Sustainability is about going ‘back to the land’, but not in the way that most of the collective thinks of it. It’s about returning to our true center, to our Essential Self, that dances in harmony with the myriad manifestations of creation in tune with the harmonic principals of Nature. That is the true Journey Home, to Heaven on Earth, which is both an external manifestation and an inner state of being coexisting simultaneously, in acordance with the Sacred Mirror in the Physics of the Quest. As within, so without.

So it is a return to the homeland of the heart, to the territory of the spirit, where we remember who we really are and find our true place in the world. It’s creative impulses guide us, showing us Realm Signs along the path of our collective evolution. As we move through reflective states of being mirrored along our outer journey through life there are always hallmarks and Way Shrines along the way, true moments and realms of tenure and bliss, that guide us back to remembrance of the sacredness of Life. These moments become key guiding beacons on our journey to realization and redeemed relations with the Sacred Land, which happen simultaneously.

The practice of rearranging the Self into proper form in order to be in redeemed relations is a heroic task undertaken by all Emissaries of New Earth. It is where we take up the reigns and realign ourselves with the Divine Will, the creative impulses of Nature that guide us.

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