Patterns and Practices

There are patterns beneath the circumstances of our Lives. Bits and jewels of Truth, reoccurring Themes, Characters and Lands that embody certain qualities. These are the qualities of our Selves, consistently reflected in the witnessing of our Lives.

Why is it that in the transient experience of people, places and things that there are certain constants that express themselves? There is a deeper underlying basis in the Stories of our lives that is fundamental in understanding the nature of the circumstances we find ourselves in. It is the direct perception of As Within-So Without, As Above-So Below. It is the realization of no separation, that we are intrinsically connected to everything in our experience.

People speak of Karma as the reoccurring patterns that play out in our Lives. They point to past lives, sin, and that everything comes back around, like a cosmic payment plan. Dharma is thought of as the goodness that wishes to come through us, our true godly and righteous path, our Destiny. But from where comes Karmas and Dharmas?

Karmas and Dharmas are circumstantial gateways to realization, showing us that there are deeper fundamental patterns that underlay our earthly material experience. It’s more like they are imprinted patterns within the Self that play out in experience, and when we become aware of them only can we say, “oh that’s a karma. Oh that’s a dharma.” What is this phenomenon? From direct perception of Into the Mythica, we found that we live in the Mirror of the Self. That everything is a reflection.

We are intrinsically connected to everything in our experience. There is no separation between the Self and the collectives and lands we move through. What we are navigating in our Self within shows up as the realms we traverse without.

“Paradise is as close as the air on our skin,” Ally Michael recently said to me. “All it takes is a shift in consciousness to transform our reality,” said ally Anthony. Absolutely, and from my perspective we can actively engage this process to facilitate a regularity of transforming our selves into more brilliant states of awareness.

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Picture of geomantic altar from upcoming episode Earth Grid Activation of New Earth

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