Destiny, our Destination

I was out in the garden today building farie circles, making rock paths and watering with my brother Anthony. After building this mound I made a fire pit and then found my way over to a part of the land i hadn’t been before. Seeing a pile of wood with bark on it I proceeded to gather the bark for the mulch in the garden beds. In the midst of this activity I had a vision of an ancient scene, with a traveler going along a path. He encounters another adventurer in the forest while heading towards the town to complete a difficult task. The adventurer asks “ do you know your destiny?” in a serious and brave tone. The traveler replies “yes” and he is to complete the bringing of an important scroll to one who can use it in the town. He knew his task well enough, placed in the midst of a Greater Story that was playing out through his life.

I noticed in this vision that there was a sense of seriousness, a type of short sightedness to the nature of destiny. That it is something that we are a part of, not something merely bestowed upon us by an outside “greater force”. then the vision went to a young measly man being ask the same question and with a weak and regretful tone replied, “no, sir, i do not know my destiny.” I discerned the differences between this visions, and what the characters were representing. Destiny is a destination. The Journey is created by the quest to reach the destination. It is an endless path of becoming. We can choose our destinies, our destinations, yet we also can receive quests from a greater force, God, a divine inspiration. These are the appointments of Will and Spirit.

How do the Will and the Spirit relate when it comes to purpose and Destiny on our Journeys through life? We can receive and we can will, for we are in a wielding with the divine, a cocreative dance with nature. We are the vessel for the will of the divine. For what the heart desires, God and nature desires.

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