Vibration and the Path

‚ÄčThere are constants that lay beneath the Path, one of which is the influence of vibration. We are made of the land, and the land is made of vibrations arranged and humming with elemental lifeforce in particular ways. I have experienced this myself. When our vibrational make up changes, so too does the land in which we exist. Visa Versa. We are inexorably intertwined. There is no separation.

Our vibrational makeup influences our vantage and changes the way we perceive things. It is causal to the realms through which we move, for the movement through the lands and the encounters characters of our lives is heroic journey across the landscape of our vibrational makeup. It is a reflection of the tones within the Self, hueing out upon the mirror that is circumstance and ‘outer’ reality.

There is a magic beneath the surface world, in the depths of awareness. It is a realm of consciousness, where the story of being human is different. Join us here, where we are the heroes meant to shift the vibrations and wield the cocreative force that is our destiny…and thus transform the world. We have the power to do this through the applied Techniques to transform our reality. When we do the work to transform our self, our vantage changes and the world follows in the blink of an eye.

We have a shared unfoldment, towards the realization and embodiment of the seed that lay within us, the gift waiting to come forth, that which wishes to come through us…that which god ordained for us to become.

I and the other Avatars are ordained by god to bring forth this message, that we live in law of Reflection, that we experience the vibrations we are made of in our circumstance. We are here to help humanity understand. We are here to embody the remedy, the medicine for this great shift, this quantum leap in perspective and understanding. We were designed for this. To facilitate transformation through embodied living.

Join us at Into the Mythica, and together may we live in a more magical world.

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