World Song

We all sing a different Tune
in the World Song.
A harmony of a cadence
in the measure of an age-
Always related to
the other aspects at play.
Interrelated we all are
in this web of life,
forever connected
by these golden threads of light.
Weave and we web
in the dawn of lights new hour
in the midst of the dew
of a crisp mornings air
next to the realization
that we were and always will be
facets of the Gem
inside the World Tree of ages past,
~cast and collapse
the energetics of a spell,
left inside the Alchemy
of the Well of All That Is.
The truth is always singing
in the corridors of the soul,
ringing through,
echoes cast upon halls of mirrors,
in divine remembrance
all things reveal the Whole,
all part of one divine symphony
An orchestration of the One True Self.
Waves cast from ripples
on the oceans of eternity
found their way through the maze
of infinite potential.
from the formless into form
know that we are worn
by awareness of the One
Know that All is Won,
For Nature she is always giving
endless to the ends of time
and here we are in one big Garden
without an eye to see,
clear away the dross to see
the Truth was always there for you and me.

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