The Great Song

Passed through Ages
An Ancient Tone Rang forth
Illumination incantation by fireside bright
For the soul grew forth
From a seed deep within me
A desire burning brightly
To reveal its majesty
To give, in righteous honor
And be received by waters grace
In the fellowship of kings and Avatars
We were walking each other home
By the light of the one
Inside of everything that is
Lay a spark of creation
Burning fire tended by eternity.

My magick came to life
Before my eyes
As the lens of perception did clear
New thought arose
Aligned with the gravity of nature
My heart naturally rose
To the throne in my soul
By the grace of the one
I was ordained to deliver the word
The land cheered too
Ringing in Victory
I knew it was my Destiny,
Yet form always teaches us
What we need to know

In regret and sadness
I came to resolve
Back upon into thankfulness
From the reaches of the soul
Retrieval of the Essence
Of the True Tone shone thru
The rubble of a falling era
In the air rise a new one dawning
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for
So now restore this garden of life
Return the Eden
Unfolding before my eyes.

The deepest spell ever cast
Is made of words true
Aligned with the divine
And the kingdom of heaven
On earth here now
We are angels delivering the word
Through every unique vessel
We hold the locks to each other’s keys
Open to restore true honor upon the land
Before our eyes unfold our Destiny at hand
To now return to our birthright
Of abundance and grace, wonder and majesty
The magick lay within us, in the recesses of the heart
Aching to come through us
To bloom forth in this emergent garden
A display of the divine
Wrought by a gravity larger than the self
By nature herself, we are aligned
To fulfill our true purpose.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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