Merkaba – Light and Language

[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px”][text_output]We are the Light. Living breathing voicings of vibrations. Shaped incarnations of color herself, pulsing inside the great web of space-time. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are the gravity wrought upon itself in perfect circumstance. As is shown, things are designed by purpose, in divine intent. Inside all things are the Pattern, the grand Weave, a language of repetitions and sacred intelligence. A geometry of Spirit. A wonderous phrasing that gives rise to everything else.

It is this that is both karma and dharma. It is both that which we have to work through and the destiny of what we are to become. For they are One. This is the Tao, the Way. In the beginning was the Word, and from the Word all things are brought forth. For the word is wrought of vibration, as is the All of everything. By listening we can hear the eternal that is present always, til the ends of time. The beginning of it all, inherent to its own resolve. A clay shape in the Hands of God, of which our forms are but at play inside a much larger divine Lila.

Designed by Divine. Inherent is our Value. Intrinsic is our Nature. Remembrance is at Hand. Invocation of the Infinite. Golden threads of light, Interconnected Strands. A Great weave of Kismet, a Cosmic Circumstance.

As the sacred medicine of the plant ally Ayahuasca coursed through me and I was cleared of the vibrations that define disharmony, while in communion with the Aina, the sacred Land, I encountered an ally who reminded me of the Merkaba. In the guidance of his word, I sat and spun the shapes of tetrahedrons inside the field of my light body, while connected energetically from Earth to Sky. Breathing into this I did an invocation of abundance, to fully clear and release anything that was keeping me from fully stepping into my aspect, into the flushness of my Purpose. As such, the field started to spin at Light Speed, filling me with the Prana, as the Aina sung with Victory. I was renewed in the Activation of my Light Body, the source shining clearly through my Prism of Self.

Mer – Light. Ka – Spirit. Ba – Body.

In a holy trinity, divine Unity, I was whole once again in the Presence of the All that Is. An immaculate Conception, of the Grand infinite tapestry of meaning that is Creation. Here I was, at the seat of it all, an Incarnation of Nature, of the One…

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