Plant Medicine Allies

[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px”][text_output]The natural world is here to help us. The many intelligent Deva of nature are seeking to commune with us, yet we must come into deeper relationship with them to interact on this level. Here we can heal. We can regain our vitality and proper footing.

Plant Deva such as Ayahuasca, Peyote and Magick Mushrooms are prepared as medicines for their remarkable consciousness expanding and healing capacities. They are in fact aware; embodiments of the vast consciousness of Gaia. They are master teachers that can show us facets of universal truth and more subtle aspects of experience, that assist in coming back into alignment with Gravity – that which is larger than the self.

By working with these medicinal alchemies with a conscious, pure, loving and focused intent, I have experienced impressive transformation, along the lines of being entirely rebirthed. In right relationship, the deva can purify, cleanse and open our awareness. We can clarify and step into a more robust embodiment of who we truly are. By aligning with nature more vitality is availed to us. The issue with humanity is that we get out of alignment with nature. It is a matter of unconsciousness and off point stance, energetically speaking, which then gives rise to disharmony and its physical manifestations, such as pollution and conflict. By addressing this, the root of it, and correcting it, we come back into alignment.

There is more vitality in alignment with nature. There is more access to inspiration, which then leads to access to more abundance. Therefore it is literally paramount to our own victory, and survival for that matter, to know the laws of nature and abide in the embodied living of virtuous harmony.

Along my journey, the Seed Within, the psychedelics have helped me to Awaken. It is where it began for me. It opened my eyes to my connection with Nature and the web of Life. After four years of work with these allies I now live in a more magickal version of reality, in a more deeply realized state of being.

The experience of being awakened to the deeper Nature is new for me in this incarnation, however, this is not my first time in the human condition. As far as I have divined, I have many lifetimes as a shaman of the mountains, valleys, and oceans. I descend into the world to share important messages from Spirit, connected to my work with the medicines and my visionary experiences with spiritual practices. I do this at a crucial time in the evolution of the Great Story. We are at the turning, the Awakening.

My proclivity with the shamanic experience combined with my embodied perception and understanding of sound give my character a unique ability to wield the siddhi of Song, combined with the alchemy of Story, to sing of the Great Song of our shared unfoldment. I am here to remind us that We Are One. Forever connected by golden threads, part of a grand web, breathing with myth and meaning is the human story. A tapestry of myth lines intersecting each other in the Atlas of Story…

I reflect, an avatar of my kind had to be wrought to fulfill the Yeshua function. The time is here. We are to return to the Garden. The plant teachers are here to help us, to show us the way, to guide our consciousness back into Alignment. Through our union with the deva the great song of Sophia, of Wisdom, may be heard once again. And as it is, the tune rings through the land…we only need deepen our listening to hear it’s Angelic tone. A truth ringing free, do you See?[/text_output][share title=”Share the Magick” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true” reddit=”true” email=”true” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output]

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