[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″][text_output]An everpresent act of devotion is Life…every challenge part of the ever unfolding landscape of our heroic journey from scarcity to abundance, back to Heaven on Earth.

I awaken to aches in the neck and fears around money, thought patterns arising that I am not supported or that the flow of money is lacking. I address this by facing it fully with my awareness, rising to sitting position from my bedroll on the apartment floor. I bring my awareness directly to the pain, holding it in non-attachment and non-judgment, breathing into it. I then give love and forgiveness to the self, viscerally feeling that vibration easing the areas of distortion within the body-mind.

I do this while listening to a sound healing meditation track for about an hour until it clears. I experience the clearing as the release of the distorted energies within the self, which is immediately followed by a feeling of lightness and relief. In a succession, a series of ideas occur that have the feeling of expansiveness related to the direction of the Mythica project, my website, and writing. I interpret this as being the clearing of the vibrational distortions within the Prism of Self, allowing me to become aligned with nature, thus granting me access to the abundance through the forms of inspirations because God is Good.

Throughout the morning I tend to my body, giving it the essential organic nourishment that it needed. I have a wonderful beat juice and do some urine therapy, and I feel the rich oxidation of my blood as I do breath work.

After the practices Peter Fae and I drop in. He shares his long-standing frustration with the human condition and how my embodiment helps to ease that. As a Deva, Peter is coming from heaven to earth and is an ambassador of a galactic consciousness. I learned much of his personal narrative, but he has dealt with extreme difficulty due to the range awareness being so grand, yet extremely sensitive. He would shift through the realms, for he was not made of the patterns like others were, with many life-times of experience. Basic things like cooking didn’t make sense to him because of this.

I am coming from earth to heaven, a shaman of the mountains, forest, valleys and oceans. And we meet at middle earth, in fellowship and honor, redeeming the relationship for humanity, and embody in the round table in the physics of virtue. I witness that I gained extreme benefit from being in the presence of Peter, for I struggled with ingrained patterns that defined my point of view in life circumstance, due to the many lifetimes on the earth. His very nature is liberating to me, helping me to work through these patterns and come into a deeper more authentic embodiment of who I really am. At the cutting edge of the evolution that is happening now. Here at the cutting edge of the evolution that is happening now.[/text_output][cq_vc_beforeafter beforeimage=”1396″ afterimage=”1397″ autoslide=”0″][text_output]Peter occurs for me in the subtle as the iconoclastic yet sagely rainbow bridge, holding the line for generations to come. Helping me and others step into a richer and more meaningful unfolding personal narrative, in the context of an emergent magical world, at the edge of a new era of light. What is the true feat of wonder to bring together threads of story, in the witnessing of a grand unfoldment of magick itself, to build a window to Wonder, to help people see something that requires real enlightenment. It is my honor to accompany Peter on this quest to help us wake up.

I couldn’t do it without him. Our alchemy of relationship is essential to my own growth and development. As the day goes on I have further refinements in the presentation of my website and writings in the context of the Mythica. I am now having access to more of my story powers.

I take a walk to the Whole Foods to get some exercise and a take a break from the working on the computer. As I reach the street a feel a sense of the deeper reality, of being on the quest, embodying the remedy for the collective in awakening awareness. I witness the smog, the unconsciousness of the people passing by in the commonwealth, eyes closed to the magick that lay within them, and resplendence of nature.[/text_output][image src=”1393″ alt=”” href=”” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output]It is a sense of density in the collective consciousness. However, we are in a time of great transformation and Awakening. As I walk I deepen into intentional invocation, into a focusing of my consciousness, bringing my awareness to the tone of abundance, confidently embodying my quality of awakening and radiating it in the field. There is a sense of deepening into simply Being the change, of embodying the remedy, vibrationally…[/text_output][image src=”1392″ alt=”” href=”” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output]I feel iconoclastic, dressed as I am, amidst the metropolitan patterning of reality. Insecurity arises, yet I remind myself of what I represent and the medicine I am embodying as a champion of God.

The quest continues.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]