This morning I awoke to a deep dive into the magick with Peter. He felt an opening to facilitate a clearing in my understanding of the Mythica as I am getting more solid into the practice of documenting and sharing my path. A deepening was had into the understanding of the interconnection of our storylines and how they are connected.

We each share an alchemy of relationship relative to a larger unfoldment of collective consciousness. The energetic tones beneath the surface of our interaction give rise to the meaning of our lives, and are more constant fundamentally than the forms they take. Peter and the Father became One, in which this idea channeled through: we are the avatars for God’s will to be done through us, each sharing an intricate series of interactions as part of a larger unfoldment of perfection.

“This is my Gift. This is my Will. Each Self wrought to fulfill a specific function in the whole of the unfoldment. Just so that everyone can have an experience.”

It is a deep gift to share this space with Peter. I feel a refinement into my perspective on the big picture of the Mythica, as a platform that is about all of us, all of our stories. A Living Library. A place where we may meet in virtue in the form of a new narrative of our shared Awakening. It then became apparent to me that this is a shift in the tone of the work of the Mythica for me, to show the characters, honored as part of the larger unfoldment, striving to witness the tones that we share as part of the resolving and evolving collective consciousness.

I reflect, such is the case with that of our arrival to Naples. It was through the invitation of Niekko, a king of circus, production and performance that we met on the path in the storyline of God Loves You in 2016, that we were led to Zen Awakening to bring the bright beacon of the Mythica to the people. I having left Crestone, the Spine of the Dragon, to reunite with Peter Fae, having left Bali, the Isle of the Gods. Our powers united and the work of many months leading up to that point, the alchemy was exalted and divine. Together, here to help the people awaken through a redeemed narrative.


We encountered Niekko because of the resonant tone that him and Peter shared at the wellspring, of which we were led to due to my connection with pure water. This was in the context of me having received a vision from spirit to share my music and my story of synchronicity and awakening with the people, which I saw in the midst of the desert valley, with an intuition that it was connected with traveling and the conscious festivals. I was then led to Peter Fae, god of story and creator the Mythica, through Krystleyez, a visionary artist of the emergent paradigm at the realm of Wonder bob’s, where there was a shrine to the laylines, another mystical character connected to transformational festival scene.

Why then, were we led to the wellspring where we would encounter Niekko, being an avatar of the conscious festival scene, a producer of such spellworks? A proof of the physics of the Quest, that I am living in the halo of my own reflection. That we are all connected in the Atlas of Story.

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I first recieved the vision of being led to the ocean on the path to the Cosmic Carnival, in the grounding, support and success. This vision became held throughout 2016 and 2017 in the desert valleys and mountains. That the refinements of the forges of awareness, in the deep work and discipline of the creation of my storyline and my confluence with Peter Fae in the creation of the Mythica, would be met by the cool waters of Shakti.

Now we are here near the sweet seas of Gaia, having been led by invitation of Allowah, an avatar of Yoga and plant medicine. It was at the Zen Awakening that I did alot of inner clearing work, and did a life visioning in which I saw myself doing raw and organic live foods on the daily, going down to the ocean, with us having a grounded and clean space to bring forth this next phase of the project, the publishing and launching aspect, with the money to support us in the endeavor. Such has been the miraculous unfoldment of the Nectar of Naples storyline, that of constant support and the manifestation of that very life visioning, proving the application of the Physics of the Quest…

Later in the night Allowah returns shortly to retreave his passport before heading off to Peru for medicine work and yoga. From my vantage, Allowah is a being of true kindness and generosity, constantly in efforts to live up to his yogic ideals of compassion and charity. In this he succeeds. In our time here in Naples Allowah has shown Peter and I such hospitality, giving us space, nourishment, medicine and fellowship in support of the project of the Mythica and our music blossoming forth. For this I am deeply grateful.

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