Dawn of a New Year. Travel on the sideway highways. Phsyical practice. Invoking Abundance, facing the Shadow. Forgiveness. Love. Devotion. Faith. Threads of Story meet in Sacred Alchemy at the Sanctuary. Gods of a New Earth meet at the round table, in a Redemption of Fellowship…

Light is cast upon a new year. Within I feel the necesity of more cleansing, feeling where I have listened and where I have not to the temple that is my body. A common theme throughout my days is that of clearing my ways through the mornings so that I may flourish in the bright and wonder, in the flush and green. A tonic of water and super greens with apple cider vinegar is had. I forgive myself and tend to the practice of breathing into the body, dropping my awareness viscerally into the inner space tending to the sensations with love and non-attachment. I make my way on a ride through the plains of concrete and greenery in Naples, stopping for a juice at the Raw Delicious. I follow intuition to go on a long ride throughout the town, stopping at the beach briefly.

For me there is a sense of being in a state of consciousness that is rarified in contrast with the common wealth. A deepened sensitivity comes upon me, as I come into the own of my senses. My aspect takes the shape of primal meets cordial, a creature of the land with heightened sensitivities and sharpened awareness. Yet, I do it for the land, for the people. I am here in service. I find the sharpness of smells of perfume and odors of pollution cutting at me, yet I invoke my connection with the Deva, feeling the vitality of the land filling me. As I ride the fumes thicken on the sideways of the highway, yet I feel my connection to the land make me immune to their harmful effects, and I breath into a feeling of easement at the abundance that has come my way recently.

Grateful for the cleansing, for the juices, for the bike, to be here by the ocean in a sanctuary gifted to us for this time by our stalwart ally Alowah. Such are many blessings. Yet, I still find myself facing the shadows, those of lack, of doubt. Will the flow of money keep coming through? Will I be supported? Basic questions of my surival tied into the root energy of grounding into the earth, into to being my proper placement supported by what I’m doing. I remind myself that God is Good, that I am supported by the universe, bringing my awareness to the tension in the bodyscape. I give forgiveness, releasing it back to the Mother. I feel through the medium of the air the Prana all around me, I breath into it, invoking the abundance that is my birthright. It is after all, the Quest. There, in the release, I move back into the asana of gratitude, giving thanks for that which I have, in efforts to change my vibrational state to be in alignment with the Goodness.

It is a discipline, a devotion to the arts of vibrational attunement and alignment with the Law of Nature. Abundance is here now, we must be in alignment with the vibrational state that allows it to flow through us. So we may be clear channels for God’s will to be done through us. Such is my task, at least. This is the Job.

I follow my intuition to go to the Food and Thought, by vision that Shelby needs a divination from the Earth Magic deck. As I ride I stop to pick up trash, knowing that as I do I am clearing my portion of the collective distortion. I can feel the breath of the Land, the Aloha, widening as I do, thanking me in my endeavor. Opening to more prana, I feel the visceral tone of abundance wash through me as tones clear in my Prism of Self relative to the trash being cleared from the land.

In a swift motion I arrive to the Food and Thought, parking the bike and flowing into the cafe space. There I encounter an older couple that ask me about my journey, in which I share the majesty of the Mythica and some of the magick.

“Do you feel that you know yourself?” he asks me.

“I feel that I know myself better than most people on the planet.”

Having come through an intense initiation, of clearing with the land and stepping into my Truth, I see how it has all come full circle. As I step forward to order my raw food for the day, I realize that 2017 was the year of my story, the Seed Within, called “Know thy Self”. I recognize the significance, as it is the New Year.

I engage with him, sharing this revelation. We then go deeper into the magick.

He shares that he feels it is important that my generation step forward. Going into a political stance, which I could feel was in a realm of power outside the self that is not aligned with Gravity, the Law of Nature. Our power is within us. I say, “may I offer something.” He agrees, as this is my proper mode of entry in virtue.

“We are in the midst of an Awakening. If we wish to transform the world, me must transform our consciousness and embody the change we wish to see.”

He recieves this in profundity and deep respect. We have further dialogue into the nature of consciousness and embodying the remedy, which was deep medicine for both of us. I notice myself deeply stepping into my own virtue and empowerment.

I see Shelby shortly after, in which I offer a reading. A short jaunt to the Thoughtful Threads I go, to continue working on my aspect of the Mythica. As I have the wordpress site editor opened a man taps on my shoulder. His name is Ron Abboud, a entreprenuer of the internet network media. He is there with Sal, a beautiful being Peter and I encountered earlier in Naples. He asks if I am a website developer. I share that Peter Fae is the archetect, but we are working together on Into the Mythica. He shares that he has had huge success with his marketing techniques and has a network of over a million posts, with all the sites linked together, YouTube videos with millions of views. I see this as major realm sign on the path, especially considering how close to launch Peter and I are.

“You can connect it in with all these sister sites exponetially growing your viewership.”

He offers to link us into his network, that we may work in fellowship. For this I am grateful. I take in the vibrations of it, feeling his emenation of affluence with money. I allow this in as it has not been my strong suite. Feeling that as I honor this aspect of the Self, of my Self in which there is no separation, that it deepens that quality for me.

I feel a bit of resistance, which I breathe into. Yet, there is discernment. I can feel where the marketing that so many beings engage with is a subtle manipulation of always trying to get their thing out there and influence others. But there is a mode of right approach. Into the Mythica is a sacred media to help us awaken, therefor she is a beacon of luminance. She is not just for money, however she does facilitate sacred commerce and the recognition of our value as divine beings coming to remember who we really are, in the context of a real emergent magickal creation.

Shelby and I engage, bringing things full circle. I recognize her, Bryan, myself and others as seeds of the new earth, here to bloom forth into the new world. That the ideas appropriate to the transformation are happening through our avatars in accordance with the will of the divine. All is in perfection. I give here a Mythic Mirroring reading, in which the cards are Fog, Erruption and Emergence, which shows a fairy goddess emerging from the waters and dragonflies flying around here. An auspicious reading, as Shelby is moving out of the fog, facing the negotion of power and voice, to then step fully into her goddess aspect. It is a beautiful interaction, bringing much needed clarity to her path.

On the way out I pass the sign of the Gateway, feeling a realm shift as I do. Over to the temple ofstory I go, the current incarnation refered to as Barnes and Noble. I follow the whisperings of the world tree as I am led to a book called Magic, of the Secret series. I do a bibliomancy, opening to page seeking a message. It speaks of cultivating gratitude and this relates to increasing one’s abundance in form of financial flow. Just the message I need. I take it heart.

Next to me I notice an aura of magick as I sit. There is a book lying on the seat about the mathematics of the sacred geometries of creation. I leave a note there for a brother I later see but don’t speak with, with the url of the Mythica, having an intuition that we would intersect at a later time.

As I ride back towards the sanctum I deepen into viscerally feeling the gratitude, counting my blessings. Engaging this as a practice is a new deepening. The air rushing by me, I give thanks for my new organic sweatshirt from thoughtful threads that reads “Prana”. Breathing in the vital energy and feeling the connection with Deva of the trees and grass I continue my exercise. Focusing deeper into seeing the blessings. The bike, the sanctuary, the raw and vital foods, the money to buy the sweatshirt, the fellowship, I am Grateful. I feel it fill my body. As blocks arise I give forgiveness and continue the practice of gratitude and Deva Yoga. My body fills with the golden tones of abundance as the blocks dissolve, which I read as key signs that the practice is working. Every year in the story of the Seed Within is divined by my relationship to the unfolding journey. In the Gold, I feel it…It is the year of Victory.

Back at the sanctuary I ground in and have a smoothie of coconut water, banana and apple, giving thanks for its blessings and the abundance. I listen to reverand Michael Beckwith on YouTube, who in sychronicity gives a sermon about treating life as a gift, and how being in alignment with gratitude gives us access to more of our vitality, innates gifts and powers and to more abundance. The core theme of the day, and in sight, of the year to come.

Peter and Sean return from their adventure on the beach. Peter goes into an impromptu deep dive of storytelling from the Journey Home, sharing his adventures of real myth and magick, redeeming the defilements of the collective self to step into a deeper more robust version of reality. Moving through the realms, finding his way to Heaven on Earth, the shire of Ashland, being kicked out of Portland. Engaging with the magickal community, the extreme challenges faced there. To the clan of the Fae. A long path through the realms that led him from New York to real magick academy, to living in the actual incarnation of the adventurer on a God Quest with North, the wolf that he summoned in sacred ritual of the full moon at the academy…

Suddenly, he gets to 2016, where our path lines meet. I feel an opening, as we move back and forth in virtuous tone, telling the tale of our meeting, the movement through to God Loves You, the Cosmic Carnival…Him being in Bali and I in Crestone in 2017 working from either side of Gaia to bring forth the Mythica, to being led to Zen Awakening and to Naples, where we are now nearing the point where the Mythica will be ready for the public and regular publishing of our adventures as authors.

It is an easeful and graceful reparte that we share. Sean witnesses the telling of our tale, and I go deep into it as I share the story of Eureka and Tales of the Hearth, how I was led through circumstance that proved the Physics of the Quest, techniques such as life visioning and ho’oponopono, and that God is Good.