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2017-1-2 From the Quest from Into the Mythica on Vimeo.



Upon the nigh rays of dawn we sung a song,
A great Gift pouring through the Heart –
A Living Revelation, life as Art.
For We and the Father are One,
Till the beginning and ends of Time.

Victory – a New Dawn

In the dancing light of a new day Peter and I meet in true Fellowship. The kiss of Shakti fills the space. Here and Now, our relationship embodies the redemption of relationship and the long last return to the round table. Natural Law is the center point in which we align to share the Mythica on this bright day on the body of the Goddess…Such is the context for this video framed from the Quest.

Thank God. For so long I wished to be met in the way that Peter now meets me. Together, our light shines brighter, our powers enhanced, as we tell the tale of the New Earth. It is an easement on so many levels. To share the angelic tone, to ring in Truth with another. Such is the fine sovereign art of the Mythica, in which we align with the Gravity of that which begat the Self, and meet in our Truth to radiate a new creation story of empowerment and Awakening.

A raw place of authenticity has opened. A golden path lit by the resonance shared with my devakin Peter. There I see we share the splinter of frustration with the mortal condition, yet inside our shared tone there is not just solice, but real healing going on. To be in the human condition at this time requires us to be of a particular shape, designed by God to facilitate the Awakening. We had to take on the suffering in order to liberate, to learn the lessons associated and embody the remedy for the Planet.

Approaching the Splinter

I am facing it. The rage, the frustration, the disappointment. A common theme throughout the journey. We live in an age of transition, in a cadence of the great stirring. The human spirit is longing to be released of the shackles of the passing forms of disempowerment to step into a New Story. A lack of true fellowship and honor, of pollution and turmoil has pervaded the field of the collective.

I am driven to virtue, wrought to this shape by the will and grace of God. Such context is what gives rise to my form and shape. There is a deepening in my gaze of awareness, a recognition of the clarity of seership, to tell the Tale from this vantage is the Siddhi.

Victory is here and on the horizon, yet I still face the burr, the agitation of the human condition. We are dealing with an environment that is polluted, that is toxic, relative to the unconsciousness of the people and the processing distortions of the collective. There is the elemental direct perception of this in the viscera of sensation. Such has been my boon and my Achilles’ heal. A sensate canvas of textures, the ability to feel into the depths of the consciousness. Throughout the journey I have been overwhelmed, feeling the thought-forms and vibrations of the collective as though they were piercing and penetrating me, without fully understanding of the empathic nature of my character. It is the gift that gives rise to my seership, yet also the crux of my greatest challenges.

I am an Angel. We all are. But I have Awakened.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. All is One. There is this, and then there is the direct perception and embodiment of this realization. This is where I am at, as a Rainbow Bridge facilitating the transition into the Golden Age of Oneness.

More on the Raw: It has been incredibly challenging being here on Earth at this time. It has demanded intense degrees of patience and compassion, tolerance and virtue, to hold the line for my own transformation and the transition of the Planet. There is massive distortion going on here.

I come from a place in this lifetime of contemplating suicide. I remember holding a knife to my heart as a child. I didn’t see the point of endless suffering. I was feeling unmet, snuffed of a sense of freedom and joy, in a broken system of subtle manipulation, violence, and indoctrination, the very authority of society being contrived of unrealized beings perpetuating distorted thought forms, that at its core creates pollution and conflict. It is a tough pill to swallow. Yet in the path of Truth we must face the Truth.

We must face the Truth.

From the mundane to the extreme levels, the issue was ultimately traced back within. I came to know that there is no separation. I’ve had to face it. We have to face it. I realized that the only way out is through. I had to transform it, finding its root within me. It would come to be known to me as the redemption for the whole. This is the Healing, this is the Dharma. Such is not easy, yet it is the Quest.

A true example of this came to me in 2016, in the year I call “Healing for the Whole”, in the episode of “Return from Whence I Came”. I was there alone in the depths of winter in the midst of the wide expanse of the valley outlooking the great dragon of the Sangre de Cristos mountains.

The place was a mess. I felt betrayed by the community. Abandoned by beings. Trust broken. Word unkept. The environment reflected the abuse that was mirrored in relationship. I had to go within, to forgive the Self, recognizing that I shared this distortion with these aspects of the Self, as there is no separation.

The picture on the cover of this under construction episode preview is me doing this very practice, while in the midst of cleaning the cabin to cleanse it of the energies that were shared in the community. There was disrespect, people not recognizing eachother’s value, myself included as I shared my portion of the distortion. For this I did the inner and outer work to clear my portion.

Soon after I am led by invitation of my parents to Indiana where I am gifted a truck, and then upon returning to Crestone there is healing had as things come full cirlce and I move on from the sanctuary shortly after to brighter circumstance. Having cleared an aspect of that pattern from my life, my relationships with the community brightened and I ended up in cleaner environments more aligned with the tone in which I was now residing and resonating.

This is a proof that as we clear our selves, we clear up our portion of the distortion. We embody the change, and we may no longer encounter that reflection of our Self in this way. This is key to moving closer to Heaven on Earth. We must clear our portion. It is the Physics of the Quest.

As we clear our portion of the collective distortion we embody the vibrational remedy for the whole. We heal for the Whole. By transforming the root of the issue, the source of it traced back to within us, we open the golden gates to the New World.

Facing it is the Yoga

As I experience it arise in the mind, I also feel where it arises in the body. This is the discipline, this is the Devotion. This is why I came here, after all – to embody the remedy, vibrationally. This is where it starts. I sit. Facing it. Bringing the fullness of my awareness into the present moment, filling my body. Feeling the textures of energy within the sensate inner landscape. I hold it, cradling it in non-attachment and love. Intentionally breathing into the areas of attention, just bearing witness. There is dissolving of the patterns within the self, following flashes of imagery related to the pain. I watch it arise and pass, staying an observer. I give forgiveness. I give Love. This is it. I feel it. I have shifted vibrations. This is the Deva Yoga.

This is the practice. It starts here. There is release. “Ahhh. Thank God.”

Suddenly, I have the inspiration to write this article. A proof of the application, of the Physics of the Quest. That when we clear we have access to the abundance, and the appropriate ideas that God wants to facilitate through us. There is a sense of easement, a deepening into alignment with Nature. Suddenly, I feel the connection to the plant Deva Ayahuasca. She is communicating to me.

“You are aligned with Nature. You know the Law. You are the authority. You are aligned. You are meant to do this with Peter, to deliver the good word.”

There is a sense of wonder. Is it true? Is my communication with the Deva accurate? Yet, I can feel it, I am Aligned. I know that there is no separation, that we are in a great transition. I have perception of that which gives rise to the collective reality and the solution. That of embodying the transformation. Of living inside of the Wakeup Story. This is, after all, what I’m here for. What I was designed for. What a big responsibility…

Am I ready? Am I really the authority? As it clears, I reflect on authority as being in alignment with that which is larger than the self, with Nature, able to articulate and author one’s reality and deliver that to the people. I always am checking my own perception, is it accurate? The only way is to go deeper, into the canvas of the senses, to seek further to Know thy Self and to step into my proper role. I feel it. A shift. Yes. I am here to deliver the Word. A new Story. A new Creation Myth is here. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

As I come out to the main room of the sanctuary I intersect with Peter, who shares his writing from today. We are writing about the same thing. The healing of the schism. Such is a proof of our collective consciousness, that there is no separation. There is a larger force of kismet and synchronicity that is then reinforced in our shared awareness. The threads of akasha thrumming with our shared angelic resonance.

Peter helps me to liberate, and I help him to ground. We meet at middle earth, and our conversations reflect this. As I sage the room he remarks at the consistency of my earth magick and how it helps him.

He has the thought to reach out to Peter Lupo, who I contact. He arrives in bright circumstance, as we share the luminance of the Mythica with him. There is a true aura of fellowship. A huge healing is had for me in the redemptive vibrations of actual brotherhood, where I am able to release long standing wounds around not feeling met or heard. It is the movement for the whole, we are the paladins of god, at the cutting edge of the conscious evolution, embodying and anchoring the change for the Planet. Together, in mutual respect and honor, we are stronger, with more access to luminance, to the lightcodes that give us inspirations and lead to abundance.

I am actually being appreciated by my brothers. Finally, I am so grateful to be in the presense of such fellowship. A pain arises, a fear related to abundance. I take space and time to bring my awareness deep into the vibration that is arising in my sacral for clearing related to abundance. As I breath into it and do so there is a major release. “Are you okay, brother?” Peter asks. “Yes,” for I am releasing the splinter of which I refered to earlier…forgiveness, love for the self…suddenly, there is access to greater light, and the inspiration for a song comes through in the flushness of authentic relationship.

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Together, Peter Fae and I join our luminance, the powers of our music growing in the light of true fellowship…


The Quest Continues…

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