[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″][text_output]Eyes open. Light shines through the window behind me into the space surrounding me. I am here in the room protecting me from the cold the last couple days in Naples, granted to me with instruments to bear by way of my dear friend Allowah. The creativity, productivity and fulfillment of the day before of work with Peter on the Mythica and new song emerging and recording passed…

There is a haze over the lens of my awareness. Smudges on the Prism of the Self. I can feel texturally inside of my body in the sacral, and then there are thoughts flashing relating to food I ate the night before. There’s a thought that my pattern of overeating is affecting my Chi. I have to forgive this. I bring my awareness to feeling sensation, giving Love and forgiveness to the self. This eases the distortion, cradled in the awareness it has room to be seen and released.

I look over to my left, there is a book called you are what you love. That was gifted to me by Michael encountered in synchronicity at Food and Thought, in the resonance of Christ consciousness. I open it asking for a sign. I hope into a section on re-creating patterns. It states that we all have patterns that we re-create that do not serve our highest, and creativity is our way of liberation from that which no longer serves us.

Fears of scarcity rise, and I face them fully with my awareness, tracing them to areas of tensity with in the bodyscape, and witness how they are related to patterns of thought that are arising in my mind at the same time. With awareness of this I engage the witness awareness practice, not getting wrapped up in patterns of thought that are not my true authenticity. I do this in order to stay aware. I give forgiveness.

I hydrate myself with some cleansing tonics, jump on the trampoline and head outside. Here I viscerally feel the wind meeting my skin and the light, its warmth upon me. I become aware of my breath, deepening into the sensation. I turn my attention towards the Land. Now, a direct connection between my awareness and my immediate environment is experienced, I come in tune with the land, and there is more prana, more energy, availed to me. I engage the Deva yoga, allowing the energy of the land to move through me, as I recognize there is no separation. I breathe into the areas of tension, holding the witness awareness, giving forgiveness and love to the self. I remind myself of God‘s goodness. I remind myself that everything is happening in perfection. Do this is as a practice to move into the Asana of expansion. To release myself of anything that no longer serves me in this moment, and step into the abundance and grace that is my true birthright.

As I do this I feel an opening, as the tension starts to release. I breathe out. I feel the golden tone, a sure sign I am on the roads to the realms of abundance. That the energetic textures within my prism of self are changing, to give rise to a new experience. It is a movement from the Shadowlands to the Brightlands, from scarcity to abundance. I recognize, this is the journey to heaven on earth, to shift my consciousness so I may more deeply, richly and robustly experience the magick that is within me and all around me viscerally, fully and completely in the actual physical reality, in the actual present moment. As I do this I feel the Land singing, and I feel the tone of truth fill my body. This is stepping into destiny, and right relationship with creation. This allows the imagination to serve the creation. This is coming home.

I am so grateful for Peter Fae, for he helps me to remember the good story by embodying the true virtues of enlightenment. He reminds me that I live in a friendly universe, and that my voice is meant to tell the tale of the new earth. For this I am truly humbled, for he is a true ally and friend helping me step into the truth that is my birthright. And I see he does this for the whole, and his bright intention to help humanity awaken, to serve the planet in this great time of transition into an era of brighter luminance.

I realize now, after he followed me into the room that has been gifted to me for this month to witness the music equipment that Allowah had left, where I had recorded powerful opening heart song, remarking that “you have a full recording studio, this is the actual manifestation of the thing you wanted,” which now I realize, upon his remark that this is true. It truly is what I actually wanted, and for this I am so grateful.[/text_output][cq_vc_beforeafter beforeimage=”1607″ afterimage=”1608″ autoslide=”0″][text_output]We are here blessed in so many ways receiving such graciousness from Allowah, a true ally and friend serving the transition of awakening, and embodying the bright yogic principles. That of honor, virtue and fellowship, of plentitude, abundance and trust in God, of Service and helpfulness. I am honored and humbled by the graciousness. I recognize it healing a long-standing wound within myself, of not feeling supported and heard. These aspects of the Self help me to see that which I previously couldn’t. I could not do it without them. I recognize their value, does healing the wounds value and embodying that remedy for the planet.

What a blessing, with this grounded place to be in the resources that we need to do the very things that are hearts have longed to do, bringing forth the Mythica, and the music, in redeemed myth of epic proportions to transform our consciousness and step into a new world. In my own innocence, I recognize this is actually what’s going on. And recognize this is the process of moving from the Shadowlands to the Brightlands. As the fog passes over the lens of awareness relative to the distortions was in the Prism of the self, we do not see the grace in the goodness it’s actually going on. This is the nature of forgetting, and the process of remembrance is that of healing, and stepping back into the grace and abundance that is our birthright. Nature actually supports us and is giving us everything we need, it is only that we live in a distortion that we are not in right action and an alignment with the land. By transforming this we step in the right relationship with creation and embodied the remedy for the whole. Song came through this morning, that of healing for the whole, that that is the goal of my soul.

Acceptance Intellegence

There is a magick in accepting what is. It is the firmament for finding easement in what is. The palace doors to peace lay within us. I reflect on this after opening to a passage about this in the “You Are What You Love” book. She then goes into speaking of Shiva and Christ As One, which is particularly auspicious considering Peter is Shiva and I am Yeshua, archetypally. Shiva came into the world and drank from a cup of all the worlds poision, to take on its qualities and love them, accepting them as part of the human condition. Similar to the story of Jesus. We take on the qualities of suffering in order to face them and transform them for the world…[/text_output][cq_vc_zoomimage displaystyle=”magnify” magnifyimage=”1630″ moveby=”hover” bordercolor=”#ffffff”][text_output]

“God is using us as an example.“ I say at the table of our shared feast with Peter upon the night, using the last bit of our moneys combined with my scavenging abilities to provide nourishment for the evening. It is not been always been easy being on donation, yet we have been divining and designing a new way of telling and sharing the good story of our shared awakening. God has designed us go through the trials and triumphs that we have to set the tone for a new way of witnessing your life unfolding. The abundance is here and is coming and will prove the physics of the quest. The quest continues.