[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″][text_output]I go outside to do the deva yoga and connect with the land, deepening my awareness into the visceral felt sensation of the undercurrent of the Mythica. The energies passing through my form as I breath in, moving gently with the flow of the chi, allowing the vitality to flow through me as I breath into any blockages. There is release, there is expansion. I move into the asana of feeling the radiant golden tone of abundance, grateful for the abundance that already is in my life, accepting my circumstance as part of the perfection while engaging a manifestor consciousness upon recieving the visions of what the divine wants to happen through my ┬álife.

It is a combination of things, cultivated through the practice of Doing. The results over time being increased vitality, inspiration and creativity, with more access to abundance and a brighter, more magickal relationship with Creation.[/text_output][cq_vc_beforeafter beforeimage=”1730″ afterimage=”1727″ autoslide=”0″][text_output]

A sign of the realms of abundance appears swiftly as our neighbor Alexandre comes over bearing two plates of pasta as a gift. He recognizes me as of talented artistry, and shares that he is a writer as well. Another traveler of the realms on the path, here til the end of january as well. A bright spirited smile, I wish I would have gotten his photo from the Quest – when our paths cross again. It is the serendipity that he would arrive in fine portent, bearing a gift of nourishment, for the night before I scavenged the compost of the nearby market following an inspiration I was given, there I found many fresh bananas and avocados. Peter had a bit of money from donations that we were able to get more food. All by the Grace of God, proving the Law that we live in a friendly universe.

As the food is prepared there is a recognition that we are supported by forces greater than us, here in the sanctuary granted to us by Allowah. A blessing is felt, easing the grasps of scarcity consciousness and allowing for the gradual release of the issue with grounding in the earth plane that Peter and I share. A matter of rooting. Of accepting what is, when it can be so difficult, at times painful. Yet it is now shown at this point on the path that the universe is benevolant, “despite years of bad press”, as Peter would say. So it becomes the act of discipline, the true Trust of fierce Devotion, to give oneself to loving the creation, and adjusting course as a djedi in the applied practice of soveriengty over thoughts.

By bearing witness to that which is out, we can come back that which is in alignment. The witness awareness holds space for things to resolve, along with the asanas of forgiveness, gratitude, trust, faith and love directed inward and for the Creation…

Peter and I share the meal outside, giving blessings and thanks for the gift, recognizing it as a sign on the path of the realms of abundance. There is dialogue from Peter shared on the ongoing frustration of coming to know what is, but not having acceptance, and moving deeper into the realms of devotion to accept and Love what is. I recieved the sincerity of his narrative in high regard, helping me to see within myself where I am still coming from unease to peace with what is.

Together we meditate, for the second time since the beginning of our visit to Naples. There is a sense of deep harmony in the shared field of awareness. As thoughts arise I face them in witness awareness, accepting what is, forgiving and giving thanks. I give Love to the self. I witness how holding patterns arise in the body relative to tension that is there from woundings, and I hold it in my field of awareness. It releases, then arises again, and this happens many times. The patterning of such has been going on for many, many incarnations in my self and the collective. This is the work, allowing this to process, so that I may be released of any patterns of disharmony and realign with Nature. Such is the goal of my soul, and I know that it is heal for the whole. For as we all align, we witness the world transform before our very eyes.