Reflections – the Inner Navigate

Within me I recognized
A compass growing strong.
Within me I realized
It was there all along.

Along the journey I have learned to listen to the guidance from within me, and tuned into my connection to Nature, to Spirit, to God so it may come through clearly. It is the still small voice within. The compass needle that is magnetized towards Truth. Through listening and deeply feeling the inner sensate canvas of my self, I attune to the intellegence that is greater than just my rational mind. In this way I have been able to be guided by the Spirit of Life, to follow the synchronicities, to develop discernment over my feelings and thoughts. It has allowed me to assert sovereignty over my relationship with the world, choosing that which is truly authentic to me, rather than a cultural script.

In reflection, much of the culture I have witnessed in the Nothern Americas is based in extreme imbalance. In the media is extreme drama, violence and unhealthy behaviors, which is a reflection of an aspect of the collective consciousness. There came a point when I began to realize this in 2014 after beginning my spiritual practice. I was living in Indiana, midwest United States, with my parents. I recognized that after I would do a practice such as meditation, chakra activation and breath work, my consciousness would shift into a lighter more expansive place. One day I came down the stairway after such a practice and my parents were watching the TV, my mother could feel that I was what she called “naturally high”, and I could feel the vibrations of what was being transmitted through the TV as not resonant with my state of being. Listening to this, I decide to do other things, and gradually move away from watching the programming, instead spending time taking in other forms of media through the internet to expand my consciousness…eventually this same guidance would lead me to live on the land and begin my spiritual travels.

I recognize now that this was a beginning of developing my inner navigate. That of listening to what is in resonance and what is not, and then following the guidance of my inner intelligence, gradually learning discernment over the sensation of my inner world. This would be my way of developing sovereignty from the external world and the chaotic thoughts of my inner world. In this way my direction became inwardly determined, no longer bound by definition from outside authority. Authority is power of authorship over reality. Finding this within is crucial if we wish to be free and live life by inner navigate.

In order to have navigate that is clear we must clear our consciousness. This became a steady practice known to me as time went by, coming to the fore of my understanding upon meeting Peter Fae in 2016. Our very ideas come from the source, granted by the access that we have, which is relative to the clarity and alignment of our consciousness with Nature. In order to truly divine what is going on, I have to be clear. If not, whatever is trying to be interpreted is coming through a muddy lens of perception, with conclusions dubious at best. In fact, I would say this is going on for most humanity. How often do we assume that our conclusions are accurate, without truly looking within and at the quality of our consciousness? For this determines the accuracy and condition of our thoughts and actions, and the very vibrational immenation that we live inside in the world, and that which is reflected back to us by circumstance in the mirror of life.

Upon recognizing this it became paramount for me to clear myself of any distortions so that I may embody the remedy for such conditions. This became the journey of truly Knowing the Self, and was reflected in my journey with Peter in 2016, in which I had to really listen to that which was within and clear the self in order to find sovereignty and appropriate relationship. Peter represented the embodiment of this healing for me, for he would truly listen to me and navigate occording to what was coming through the field of our shared awareness, along with his own intuition, maintaining an aura of soveriegnty and fellowship coexisting. Opening to recieve the lightcodes of his emenation, I became imprinted with the pattern of these noble virtues and would strive to embody them over the time leading up to now.

Navigation is a tricky task. It requires sensitivity, true attention, discernment and vigilance. At times we must recognize what is beyond our current horizon, and surrender to the will of the Divine. At other times there is such clear attunement with the One that prophecy and intuition may shine forth, illuminating the Path that lay before us. In all cases, may we stay in tune. Shine on.