2018-1-6 from Shadow to Grace

Clearing the way
from shadow to Grace.
Embodiment is the key
to walk the Golden Roads.

Through the opening of the night before I move further into the realms of abundance with Peter Fae. The Mythica site transforming into a brighter octave of its own expression, Peter moving swiftly into following the inspirations as they arise, the golden sculpture of light, the magickal portal transforming before my eyes. Yes, it all makes sense now. The ideas click together for how we will present our stories and writings on our own sites in the context of a roundtable that is the main portal into the Mythica. An ease of presentation and of delivery all making itself known to both of us in fine portent.

However, there is much shadow to face. It is as the golden tones of abundance and inspiration sound do the disharmonies surface to be processed and come back into tune. It is a movement of Healing, a constant theme on the journey of the Seed Within. Annoyances and fears arising, I bring my awareness to them, reminding myself that I live in a friendly universe supporting my in the Quest. This is fierce devotion, dedication to the unfoldment of my own evolution. For this is the chapter of Liberation and Victory. With a deepening degree of witness awareness I bear the brunt of untamed thoughts, watching them come and go in a carousel of repeating patterns. I am not at peace, yet. There is much forgiveness to be done, and so I do. Further into the realms of deva yoga I travel, connecting with the land to expand my flow of chi and redeem the patterns within me. Such is the context of this video from the Quest.

All is arranging in perfect time and space here in the realms of Naples, in our studio near the ocean, an actual manifestation of aspects of the shared life-visioning that Peter and I did in Bali and Crestone, respectively. From Zen Awakening we have come, after I did an intense period of clearing through forgiveness, deva yoga, life-visioning and manifestation technique.

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In the process I recieved a vision of being by the ocean with our own studio for the Mythica and music connecting with conscious community with raw and organic foods, which was a clarity on the life-visionings before. What would follow in the Nectar of Naples storyline is that of us ending up in that studio through synchronicity, blessed by God fellowship, raw foods, and resources to bring forth the projects.

Why did this happen? Through the sacred act of journaling our Paths in the Mythica, we aim to show how circumstance is part of a much larger divine unfoldment. That by clearing the vibrations within the self, we may step into a brighter world of magick and wonder. Such was the case. I cleared my portion of the distortion relative to scarcity within the Prism of my Self, which cleared it up in the Halo of my manifestation. By clearing the self, the grace and magick that the universe wants to happen through my life was revealed.

It is not easy to pass through the shadowlands, to face the distortions that lay within the self, yet such is the heroic journey to redeem our portion of the collective distortion and step into the majesty that lay beyond the rubble of a falling era. Inside resides our power. By bringing awareness that which is within, and tracing the root of disharmony to an inward cause, I then have the ability to take an empowered stance in relationship to that which is out of balance. In doing so the tides are shifted and my relationship to Creation transforms.

In our shared light there is more ability to see that which wishes to shine. Peter Fae reflects the qualities to me of the true round table, the redemption of relationship, the authenticity of purpose and power of the Word. A true ally on the quest, he holds a gracious space for me to seek reflection on a circumstance I had encountered with a friend that I felt did not understand where I was coming from. He recieved me, embodying the very quality that is soothing and helping to heal a long standing wound of not feeling heard by the community.

He is the perfect compliment in our alchemy of relationship, embodying that of air and fire, while I that of the earth and water. His constant inspiration and dedication to writing and working, with speed and persistence, helps to move me and inspire me constantly, reminding me to be more on the practice of telling my sacred tale. In this way, I embody that of grounding earth, tending to organic meals and constantly doing the practices such as deva yoga and forgiveness, reminding and inspiring him to do these aspects which he so dearly needs. These qualities are perfectly balancing in mutually reciprical relationship for both us, which heals us both and furthers our evolution.

“This is going on for everyone. There is a perfect alchemy of relationship, where beings share the elemental qualities that balance one another. These play out in synchronicity and the akasha of our shared circumstance.”

In perfect timing the neighbor had come over this morning asking for something, he was on his way to the store and I requested a coconut water that we may use to hydrate and for our smoothies. In simplicity, we witnessed the exchange in perfect accordance, showing that we are supported on the path. This is especially divine considering we are on donations until we switch over to membership. Just like the accordance of the neighbor bringing over the pasta. All is a psychoshamanic journey from that of scarcity to abundance, where we must trust the signs on the path as pilgrims of God’s kingdom, bringing forth the word of the New Earth.

In redeemed fellowship and the light of our shared angelic tone we cast this from the Quest video.

The Quest continues…