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“I offer this Healing Session to Facilitate Revelation through Mirroring. Connect with your Essential Self, step into the Flow of Destiny and Live Your Myth.”

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Revelation Facilitation

There is path of healing and transformation. On that leads us back to the Land and back to the heart of who we really are. Through clearing ourselves in this heroic journey, we return to our natural state of Grace. We see the Truth. That we are connected to all of life, to each other. That we have a purpose unique unto us. A seed within that wishes to grow and bear fruit as our offering to the World. We can step into a deeper embodiment of who we really are, and see our circumstance transform in bright ways.

Such has been my Path. To clear and redeem the patterns within, to return to the Land, to embody who I really am, and Live my Myth. Now I am here with the Results of that practice in my sacred task to help those that are embarking on that very same path. I offer a form of revelation facilitation and healing that I call Mythic Mirroring. Through the keen arts of deep listening, authentic mirroring, and archetypal story work, along with modes of intuitive energetic healing and self practices.

I bridge the sacred and the mundane, and believe life is a mythic journey. Life is a landscape of experience, and a mirror that is showing us our selves. In order to live a more magical, abundant and healthy life with dynamic relationships and fulfilling soul work, we need to understand how to get there. We need to understand that that is a very real physical place, but also a state of consciousness. A Realm (click to learn more). How do we get from one realm to another? from one state of consciousness to another? We transform from the inside out. We need to understand that that reality exists at a particular vibration, and that we must shift our vibration to live there. I have come to find we live in the reflection of our vibrational makeup. In order to transform our experience, our manifestation, we must transform and heal ourselves, through redeeming the energetic patterns within us. This is the Journey of Healing, and it leads to Brighter Worlds.

Aspects of my main focuses are awareness based healing through spiritual practice, and land based healing through connecting with the pure elements of the Land. As well as through nature immersion and personal and collective ceremony. I naturally facilitate the clearing and revelation of others as we step into our most mythic embodiments, and step into the Mythica, the real world of magic and wonder, a New World.

What’s in a session?

  • Deep Listening

    I fully presence myself, listen with compassion and my whole being

  • Mirroring

    Using my intuitive gifts I reflect core messages, themes and archetypes in your story, along with energetic patterns.

  • Revelation

    Deeply seeing the patterns and learning the lessons. Authentically approaching the aha moments.

  • Healing

    Intuitive Energetic Healing and Embodiment Practices


Want a Session?

If you are interested contact me through email to joshuafaust@intothemythica.com. "When we pay another for exalted service, we are spreading abundance and living inside that vibration... increasing our own wealth."

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